“History, despite it’s wrenching pain , can not be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again” – Maya Angelou


I’m just so annoyed right now but totally different things.  I walked Tucker, which I shouldn’t have because now I’m all stiff and in pain, my neck and shoulder continue to give me trouble and pain, when I got back from my walk with Tucker, I was in the kitchen getting some water, Tucker went into the living room and my roommate pushed him out!!!! WTF is up with that, I was on the fence about moving but now after seeing that, I’m out!!  I didn’t want the stress of another move because I’ve moved so many times since my mom died and Tucker has had to go through each one, plus, I can’t afford it, but I am not going to be stuck in a place that treats my dog like that, when I treat him and his dog so much better.  I’m so damn mad right now.



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