“History, despite it’s wrenching pain , can not be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again” – Maya Angelou


I’m just so annoyed right now but totally different things.  I walked Tucker, which I shouldn’t have because now I’m all stiff and in pain, my neck and shoulder continue to give me trouble and pain, when I got back from my walk with Tucker, I was in the kitchen getting some water, Tucker went into the living room and my roommate pushed him out!!!! WTF is up with that, I was on the fence about moving but now after seeing that, I’m out!!  I didn’t want the stress of another move because I’ve moved so many times since my mom died and Tucker has had to go through each one, plus, I can’t afford it, but I am not going to be stuck in a place that treats my dog like that, when I treat him and his dog so much better.  I’m so damn mad right now.



Author: Dawn Angelique

I'm 47 year old lesbian living in a body that doesn't like me. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibro, Diabetes, Bipolar, Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, Hypertension, HBP, High Cholesterol. and neurapothy. But through all of this, I'm finally learning to live, even if it's just for moments.

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