Saturday Night


So here I am watching The L Word, with a heating pad, bengay, cigarettes and my very bored dog. I walked him earlier today, late morning but he is just about as bored as I am.  My joints are pretty much okay with the exception of well my right shoulder, elbow and hand, my neck is just attached I honestly don’t know what this pain is about.  I don’t remember doing anything to aggravate my neck and/or shoulder.  I know I’m obsessing about it but how can I not when it’s always there!  Even as I type whatever muscle or tendon or whatever goes to my inner shoulder, makes my shoulder hurt but I”m so bored!

I am eating dried Mango’s, which I actually like and I’m surprised by that because I usually don’t like food like that.

I’m not a fan of this part of The L Word, Dana dies.


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