Tooth pain is NOT for everyone


I started feeling my tooth pain Wednesday night, I went to the dentist Thursday afternoon, he drilled a hole to let the pressure out then scheduled a root canal for Tuesday, Tuesday after the numbness wore out my life began a to be a living hell.  Swollen right side of my face, and hot spots where the abscess tooth is.  I go back on Friday, she numbed me up and gave me 2 antibiotics to take.  Nothing helped not even the norco, I’ve been in a norco fog for 2 days.  I called today, I’m on a steroid that is like prednisone.  I hope it doesn’t make me wacky, I do know that after 2 doses nothing has helped, I took 2 more norco, not sure why I’m taking it, maybe just to make me pass out because at this point, that’s all I want to do is pass out and not wake up until my appt.  If it’s not better by morning she said I could come in and she would clean it out.  Only thing is, it’s kind of far way, maybe 25 miles and I don’t have a car.  Maybe I’ll ask my sister, ahahahahaha, that’s funny.

I need to lay back down, it hurts so damn bad.


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