New infusion

So I startred a new infusion today.  I got there at 8:45 didn’t leave until 4:30, the infusion lasted 5 hours, the rest was waiting to see my dr.

I have been having issues with my knee, really bad issues and a ton of pain, I couldn’t sit or stand without major pain.  I got my blood work back on my chart online so I checked them before I saw him, all of them were high, esr, c reactive protien, liver enzymes, creatine.

He finally came in the room, I was in there for an hour.  I told him about my knee, he looked at my mri, read the findings, tedonitis, strained ligatminets and a tilting knee cap, but at the end of it it says mri negative, pardon me but what part of major pain is negative? I asked  him that, he said that the pain I have is consistant with what is said in the mri but it’s much worse than what the mri says because of the pain rate, which is infinity if you ask me 1 thru 10.  So he checked my wrists to see how they bend, not so well, they are getting worse he says, your knee is very swollen he says, her ankles and feet are swollen he says, your elbows are swollen too he says.

He is really a great RA doc, I trust him with my life.  He gave me a shot in the knee which hasn’t really helped yet but he gave me this knee brace, well he called it a brace but it’s more like a sleeve with a hole in it, he said that will help with my pain of getting up and down and it has.

I got back in 2 weeks for my second infusion, this one will be only for 4 hours, then I see my RA doc the end of October, he calls it the waiting game, to see if this is working, he said that normally this is given to those further along with the disease but he said since I’ve rapidly been decreasing, he selected this one.

fingers crossed