Losing a friend to a warmer climate

Someone I met through FB RA group is moving away to California at the beginning of the month.  While I’m happy for her and know she needs to do it for her health, I am extremely bummed that she is leaving.  She said well we talk most online anyway but that’s not the point, she’s leaving the state, she has been there for me so many times when I needed someone, now I will having nobody.  Quite frankly I’m upset about it.  Plus she’s been busy with seeing other people before she leaves and I just don’t think I’ll end up seeing her before she leaves, well wait, I’ll will because she’s giving me her bed.  But I just want to hang out and talk, I’m really going to miss her, she is the only one who gets me because of the RA.  She’s a great person and I’m really going to miss her presence in my life.


General Status

I’ve been having a fever everyday for the past week and a half, I’m not sure if it’s because of the infusion or just general RA crap.  It’s always hard for me to tell with anything if it’s RA related, I guess most of it is, I also have fibromyalga so I know some of the pain I get is from that but the not well feeling and the joint pain and other things I know are from the RA.

I use a sleeve thingy for my knee now, I don’t wear it all the time because I don’t want to depend on it, I went about a week without it and my knee started giving out on me again, so I’m back to use it.  It does give me relief and I’m so thankful for that.

I don’t see my RA doc until the end of the month, then we’ll find out from the blood work if the infusion is working.  I don’t notice anything getting even a little better but I’m going to stay neutral with my feelings on it.

Second Infusion

Well it was only suppose to be 3 hours this time…..they said…….not gonna happen when you’re talking about my body and how it dislikes all medicine put in it.  I had a reaction, heavy chest, lump in throat, had to stop the medication,, give me benedryl in the iv, twice, then steroids, then restart at a very slow pace.  I got there at 9:45 and left at 4:00, there hours, it was a long three hours.

Feeling pretty crappy today, can’t talk, not sure what that’s about but it’s been happening more frequent than not, I’ve heard there are joints in the throat, maybe they are inflamed.

My blood work didn’t change from the first infusion of this drug, I go see my RA doc the end of October to see if it’s helping, not sure what he’ll do if it’s not.  I’m indifferent about it, I just have no confidence in the medication used for RA, I’ve found no relief what so ever.   We shall see…………..