Root Canal Imflamed

So anyone with RA ever have an inflamed root canal?  Not sure it it’s related but I got it lol  My mom is in heaven saying to herself, only you Dawn, only you.


Author: Dawn Angelique

I'm 47 year old lesbian living in a body that doesn't like me. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibro, Diabetes, Bipolar, Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, Hypertension, HBP, High Cholesterol. and neurapothy. But through all of this, I'm finally learning to live, even if it's just for moments.

3 thoughts on “Root Canal Imflamed”

    1. It’s a pain, my teeth have been so bad this past year. What sucks is my great state insurance is going away because I have to go on medicare because I’ve been on disability for 2 years. I’m trying to find out if I can get private insurance rather than be on medicare, it’s very costly and very scary.


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