well, I wrecked my neck, been going to the chiroprator for about a week now, it’s working but it hurts, I know in time it will get better. But I also know I will always have neck problems because I have osteoarthritis and bone spurs on my c5 and c5 vertebae.  yay me.  I’ve been pretty doped up and in pain for a few weeks.  I bang my head on a pipe, that’s what started all of this.  I have been in bed most of the day, I finally moved to my recliner about an hour ago so I could try to sit up.  It hurts but I’m doing it, the pain pills and muscle relaxer do help but not all the time.  I’m incredibly cranky, just found myself yelling at my dog for no damn reason.

On the upside my friend Mara took me out for a late breakfast yesterday and brought me some pain patches along with a lot of other trinkets.  It’s getting close to her leaving, I told her yesterday how important she is to me, that she is such a caring and empathetic person, for all she goes through, she is such a caring person.  I’m really going to miss her.  We didn’t see each other much, mostly talked over text, email or FB but when we did get together it was always fun, she is just a great person to be around.  I am happy for her though, so Mara if you’re reading this, I’m happy for you that you’re moving and have a great place lined up, please please please, find a RA doc when you get there 🙂


Author: Dawn Angelique

I'm 47 year old lesbian living in a body that doesn't like me. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibro, Diabetes, Bipolar, Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, Hypertension, HBP, High Cholesterol. and neurapothy. But through all of this, I'm finally learning to live, even if it's just for moments.

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